1. Are you affiliated with any church? Are you related to the Mormons?

  • No, we are not affiliated with any church.


2. How much does it cost to use the Center?

  • Using our materials costs nothing. Please see question #17 to view our Research Policy.

Library Card and Borrowing Information

3. How long can I check out a book or magazine?

  • No materials may be borrowed. They must be used in the Genealogy Center. You may photocopy pertinent pages.

Library Catalog Information

4. How do I use the library’s catalog?

  • Like so many other modern libraries, we do not have a card catalog. Our catalog is computerized. There are two computer stations, labeled OPAC, where you can search the contents of our catalog by title, author, subject or keyword. At present, the catalog is not available from home.

5 Do you have E-Books?

  • No.

6. How is the Center organized? Do you use the Dewey Decimal System?

  • Yes, our professional librarian catalogs materials according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Public Access Computers and Wireless Network Information

7. Does the Genealogy Center provide public access computers?

  • Yes, we have five computers for you to do genealogical research. All patrons will receive one hour of computer access per day. If no one is waiting for a computer, patrons may use the rest of the time the Center is open. Please sign up for one the computers at the check-in stand.

8. Does the library provide wireless internet access?

  • Yes, ask a volunteer for the password.

9. How do I set up my computer to use the Center’s wireless Internet access?

  • Your computer will automatically detect the wireless network when you are in the Center. If your computer detects more than one wireless network, choose “Fore-Kin Trails” to access the Center’s network.

10. How will I know if my computer is connected to the network?

  • Open your web browser and try to connect to a website. If you are not connected, check to see if your wireless settings are set properly. If you still cannot connect, check with a librarian to find out if the wireless network is having problems.

11. Will the Genealogy Center volunteers help me set up my computer to access the wireless network?

  • The volunteers can provide basic information for accessing the network, but the user is responsible for configuration and troubleshooting of their personal equipment.

12. Is the Center’s wireless network secure?

  • No, most public wireless networks do not offer secure access.

13. Can I print from my device using the library’s wireless network?

  • No. You may save your work to a device or email it to yourself.

14. Can I print, FAXor photocopy?

  • Photocopying and printing cost $0.15 per page. We do not have FAXing capabilities.

15. Do you have any storage devices? How much do they cost?

  • No.

Research and Reference Information

16. I don’t know how to do genealogical research. Will your staff help me? How much will it cost?

  • Our volunteers will help you get started with your research. There is no charge. We also have a self-help section for your perusal.

17. What if I want you to do the research for me?

  • Our research policy and fees can be viewed at Research.

18. What research tools are available?

  • We have books, magazines, Audio Visual materials and Ancestry.com. You can also go to the Resources section of our website for an overview.

19. Do you have genealogy books for states other than Colorado?

  • Yes, our collection covers 48 of the states. Our collection includes a large section on genealogy and history of Montrose County and the 10 counties surrounding it.

20. Do you have genealogy materials for foreign countries?

  • Yes, a few.

21. Do you follow genealogical and research standards?

  • Yes. We belong to the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies and we follow standard research practices and source citation especially for genealogical research.

22. Can I get genealogy records from other libraries?

  • You can go to Montrose Region Library District and request materials through the Inter Library Loan program. You can search the LDS catalog on the FamilySearch website, and order films from your computer but you must view the items at the Family History Center.

23. Do you have any materials on tape or CD?

  • Yes. Search the OPAC for AV.

24. Do you have Ancestry.com and HeritageQuest Online?

  • We have two computers which access Ancestry.com. You may access HeritageQuest Online at home, if you have a Montrose Regional Library ibrary card.

Physical Facilities

25. Are meeting rooms available?

  • No.

26. Do you have elevators? Are you ADA compliant?

  • The Center is in an older one-story building and elevators are not necessary. We try to make the Center accessible to all.

Information for Out of Town Researchers

27. Parking

  • All parking along Mesa, Main Street and the parking lot in the back is free.

28. Accommodations and Food

  • Find hotels, restaurants in the Montrose area on the web.

Jobs and Volunteering

29. How can I view and apply for a job at the Center?

  • We have no paid positions.

30. How can I view and apply to be a volunteer at the Center?

  • Speak to one of the volunteers. There are training sessions in the Fall each year.


31. What programs does the Center offer?

  • Fore-Kin Trails presents one program per month on the fourth Monday at 12:00 PM, noon.  Bring your own lunch.  This program is primarily a how-to do genealogy class.

32. Are there used books for sale at the Center?

  • No.


33. Why does the Center need funding?

  • We are a non-profit organization which receives no support from the federal government, state, county or city. We must pay rent and other expenses in order to continue providing our services.

34. How can I donate to the Center?

  • The Center gladly accepts donations of money, time, or materials. Once donated, materials belong to the Center and cannot be returned.

If you have any questions which are not addressed here, please go to the Contact Us section of this website and email us or phone us.