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1987     Feb      Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1883, A-M

            Hans Von Hagen, Bio. (1863-1947)

            May      Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1883, M-Z

            Fort Crawford, 1889-1890, Montrose Co.

            Aug      Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, A-B

    Inhabitants of Contonment, Uncompahgre, 1885 CO. State Census

    Tobin family of Montrose Co., CO

    Nov      Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, B-E

   Hovey family, MA-CO

   Surname Index for 1987

1988     Feb      Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, E-H

   Shenandoah school history, Naturita, CO.

May      Gunnison Tunnel Cave-in, 1905

   Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, J-M

   Japanese in Montrose County

   Mizushimo Yachiyo tombstone, Olathe, CO

Aug      Estate Inventory appraisements & sales, 1883, Montrose Co.

   Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, M-S

Nov      Administrative-probate abstracts, 1885-87, Montrose Co.

   Clifford Turner, d.1907, OH, MI, CO, IL

   Gay-Richard, 1920 influenza deaths, CO

   Mondragon deaths in 1918 flu epidemic, CO

   Randon baby, 1918 burial, CO

                   Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, Sa-Smi

                   Surname Index for 1988

1989     Feb      Administrative & probate abstracts, 1886-88, Montrose Co.

   Montrose Co. Abstract of Assessment, 1884, S-Z

   Hotchkiss family, Uncompahgre Valley

May      Administrative and probate abstracts, 1888-91, Montrose Co.

   Japanese graves, Okimoto Kurakichi, Natahara Shigetaro

   Gunnison tunnel, 1904 subscribers for water use

   Susan Deare obituary, 1897, Pinon, CO

   Work list, 1898, Pinon, CO

Aug      Administrative and probate abstracts, 1890-92, Montrose Co.

   Gunnison tunnel, subscribers list con’t.

   Mortality schedule, 1885, Montrose Co.

   William Willis family, MD, CO

Nov      Administrative & probate abstracts, 1889-94, Montrose Co.

   Montrose Co. Abstract of assessment, 1885, A-B

           Button family, MA, OH, UT

   Montrose City and County Directory, 1910, Lujane, CO

   Surname Index for 1989

1990     Feb      Administrative and probate abstracts, 1894-96, Montrose Co.

   Montrose Co. abstract of assessment, 1885, B-D

   Nancy K. Hays Roelsma, pioneer, Montrose CO

May      P. D. Moore, 1897, obituary

   Administrative & probate abstracts, 1896-97, Montrose Co.

   Montrose Co. Abstracts of assessment, 1885, D-G

   Robert Chaffin death, 1905

   Wm. R. Nation death, 1885

Aug      Samuel Nutt death, 1898

   Loper deaths, 1896

   Montrose Co. Abstract of assessments, 1885, G-K

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1898-1900

   Baxter family, Montrose CO

   Carriling Wing Rodliff death, 1908

Nov      Alexander and Valda Madison McKinnon family, IA, CO

   George Eaton Bible, 1737-78

   Nellie E. Youngblood death, 1906

   McKinnon obits, 1919-84, Montrose, CO

   Surname Index for 1990

1991     Feb      Montrose County Post offices, 1883-1989

   Harriette Collins Lindham (Dr.) Biography  RI, CO

   Abstract of Assessments, 1885, K-M

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1898-1906, Montrose County

   Shirley Bostwick, Walter Cook, Norma Marie Kam Deaths, 1899

May      Charles H. and Elizabeth Warrens Family, CO

   Abstract of Assessment, 1885, M-P, Montrose County

   Montrose County Administrative and Probate abstracts, 1900-1901

   Douglas D. McIntire Death, 1900

Aug      Walter Verian Champlin Family, CO

   Richard Charles Diehl, 1850-1910, CO

   Playtime and School Days on Wilson Mesa

   Abraham Archuleta, Mable Shrock, Deaths, 1902

   Frederick May, Prussia, Montrose,CO

   Administrative and Probate abstracts, 1901-1903, Montrose County

Nov      Record gathering in post-war Germany

   Henry Curren Mcginnis, Emma Chiles, Deaths, 1902

   Abstract of Assessment, 1885, P-S, Montrose County

   Montrose County Administrative and probate abstracts, 1903-1904

   Surname Index for 1991

1992     Feb      Sam Harris family, TN, CO

May      Abstract of assessment, 1885, S-W, Montrose County

   Administrative and Probate abstracts, 1904, Montrose, CO

   David Rosco Crosby, William M. Bittenger Deaths, 1904

Aug      Snowslide, Camp Bird mine, 1936

   Rose Reed Israel, KS, CA

   Elks Lodge No. 1053 members, 1906-07

   Abstract of Assessment, 1885, W-Z, Montrose County

   Montrose County Administrative and probate abstracts, 1904-06

Nov      School dist. 17 pupils, 1897

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1905-1906, Montrose County

   Joseph Selig, Montrose, CO

   A. F. T. Jones Death, 1905

                           Mrs. J. G. Tracy death, 1898

   James Woodhouse, Fred Strum, Thomas Butts, Fred Henderson, Deaths,


                           Surname Index for 1992

1993     Feb      Elks Lodge # 1053 members at the time of their deaths A-H

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1905-07, Montrose County

   Typhoid fever deaths, Montrose, 1904

May      Mary Leak, IA

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1905-07, Montrose County

   Elks lodge #1053 members at the time of their deaths, H-M

   Jeheil Yorke Death, 1905

   Paul W. Osborne, Death. 1896

Aug      Elks lodge #1053 members at the time of their deaths, O-W

   Alexander Albin, d.1907, and family, Montrose, CO

Nov      Charles Weatherwax killed Peter Swanson, CO, 1907

   Christian-Amanda Barado Stollsteimer

   Elvin S. Armstrong estate, 1907, CO

   Peter Swansen estate, 1907, CO

   Administrative and probate abstracts, 1884-07, Montrose County

   Surname Index for 1993

1994     Feb      Cities and towns of Montrose County, 1910

   John W. Frasier-Dorcas Lynch fam., MA, Montrose pioneers

   Francis A. and Sarah J. (Stephens) Martin Family, CO

May      Birth of our nation

   James William DeVore fam., Montrose, CO pioneer

   Phil Peters (Col.), Montrose, CO pioneer, d. 1912

   Elsie Frasier Death, 1994, WA

Aug      Elsie Frasier death

   Decennial digest, court decisions, indexed cases by surname

   Preparing your life history, writing a journal

   Table of group immigrations

Nov      Bridgewater, Mass. vitals, 1672-1703

   Marshfield, Mass. vitals, 1631-60

   Middleborough, Mass. vitals, 1680-1715

   Plympton, Mass. vitals, 1721-25

   Russell Wright, brand inspector, CO

   Surname index for 1994

1995     Feb      German Church books, beyond the basics

   German spelling

   Edna Ellsberg & gas lighting in Denver, CO

   Paul Revere, patriot, Revolution

May      Anchor line photo of SS Anchoria, 1875

   Historical review of Montrose County, 1776-1957

   J. Richards, ad, St. Joseph Gazette, 1851

                           VanTuyls in Holland

Aug      Beekman Patent settlers, Dutchess County, NY

   Boyer/Byers facts and stories

   Looney index

   Casper A. Holtzmeister, 1906-95,KS-CO

   District court jury, 1907, Montrose

   Gabriel Masse, 1879-1920, France-CO

   Vital statistics in the U.S.

Nov      Hammermeister Family on ship S.S. Cassel

   Michigan Genealogical Societies

1996     Feb      Ship picture, S.S. New York

   Ireland’s Potato Garden

   Abstract of Assessment, 1887, Montrose Co., A-B

May      Colorado Territorial and Founding Pioneer Certificates

   Genealogical book list, Montrose public Library, Jan 1996

   Fore-Kin Trails books at family history center.

   Ship pictures, S.S. Hammonia, S.S. Drottningholm

Aug      Iowa Genealogical Societies

   Gen. George A. Custer Family, b. 1839, MI, CA

   George Ash obit., 1857-1934, IN, CO, CA

   Montrose county high school graduating class of 1937

Nov      Christmas traditions

   Pennsylvania, cities, town, and burroughs, 1900

1997     Feb      Bertha H. Anderson obit. 1905, NE, CO

   Montrose County High school Graduates, no date

   Ola Wolfenbarger memories., 1914, OK, CO

May      Olathe United Methodist church history

   Pastors of Olathe United Methodist church

   Rubbing techniques

Aug      Montrose area railroading, 1800s+

   Montrose town history, ca.1882+

   Norton Brewer, in memory, 1923-97, CO

Nov      Montrose Co. school history, students and staff.

   Swift justice, law and order, Ouray County

1998     Feb      Clifford Turner, body identified, 1906, CO

   Edward Dunlap obit., 1941, CO

   J. A. Stemmer missing, 1909, Co. M, 4th US

   James  Calloway-Emma Bozeman, 50th anniv., 1909, CO

   James W. Callaway obit., 1909, CO

   Luella Full-Elmer Snoke wedding, 1912, CO

   Mary Randon obit., 1918, CO

   McGregor-McIntyre elopement, 1909, CO

May      Joseph Selig pioneer bio., 1850-86, UT, CO

   Montrose History

   Thos. B. Townsend, Sr. bio., 1850-1929,CO

   Ute Indian history

Aug      Coleman B. Akard bio., b.1862, Boliver, MO

   Geo. A. Stough bio. note, Montrose, CO

   Geo. D’Arcy Boulton fam. reminis., Ont.

   James C. Taylor bio., b.1862, Graves Co., KY

   Olathe, CO. history

   Oliver D. “Pappy” Loutsenhizer bio., 1828-1907

   Samuel Brackenridge Brafford bio., d.1942 (C.J. Brafford ancestor)

Nov      Alfred Cushman biography

   Colona, CO. history

   Park J. Ash bio., b.1894, Montrose Co., CO

   UVWA Property index, Ab-By

   Uncompahgre Valley water project, 1900s

   Evans Willerup fam. pioneers, Montrose co., CO

1999     Feb      Bostwick Park history

   Button cemetery burials

   Mark township map, 1876, Defiance Co.

   Old Crawford aka Maher cem. burials

   Shinn Park history

May      Burbridge bros. service bios., WWII, CO

   Chipeta memorial and Uncompagre Utes

   Hammond bros. service bios., WWII, CO

   Uncompahgre Valley history

   Uncompaghre DAR chapter, 1909

   Charles Earl Fauber, obit., b. 1922

   Woods fam. service bios., WWII, CO

Aug      Andrew L. Hutchinson notes

   Lou Waggoner, b. 1884, Paradox, CO

Nov      New Courthouse, 1923

2000     Feb      Gunnison, CO., day-light savings, 1931

   Stagecoach routes, fares (sel.), 1870

May      Census history, 1790-2000

   Josephine Garis Cochrane invents dishwasher, 1883

Aug      Humorous vital recs., 1817-18 (sel.), Wayne Co. NY

Nov      Census facts, 1920

   Charles Bromley notes, b.1925, CO

   Peter Thomsen fam., 1844+, NE, CO

2001     Feb      Rolling west on emigrant trains, c.1879 (Robert Louis Stevenson)

May      Charles Warrens, Ft. Crawford, CO

   David S. Frye obit., 1872-1957, TN, CO

   Fred Frye, b.1911, Morenci, MI

   Sarah Jane Baker obit., 1881-1969, TN, CO

Aug      Montrose Memorial hospital and personnel, 1950

Nov      None

2002     Feb      Montrose, CO. pensions 1939-1940, Ag-Mo

May      Montrose, CO. pensions 1939-1940, Mo-Zu

   Olathe, CO pensions, 1939-1940

   Bedrock, Cimarron, Crawford, Maher, Naturita, Norwood, Nucla, Paradox,

Redvale, Uravan Pensions-1939-1940

                 Aug      Lizzie Wilson Williams bio. and obit., 1884-1976, CO

   Sam. E. Hutton, lost in hills, 1906, CO

Nov      Leola Noel death explained, 1882-83, CO

   Maple Grove Columbine club minutes and members, 1921-24, excerpt

2003     Feb      Olathe high school faculty and students, 1926

   Montrose county and city officials, 1937

   Montrose Business Directory,1937

May      Gunnison has daylight savings times, 1931

   Montrose County High School graduation, 1921

   Montrose High School yearbook, Boomerang, 1921

   Olathe school graduate totals, 1921

                           Colo. State highway courtesy patrol, 1935-81

   Waldo Helm wins scholarship, 1921, CO

Aug      Harry Delos Rose, Arctic Ice Cream & Bottling Co.

   Montrose County High School yearbook con’t., 1921

   Montrose new residents, 1886

   President John Tyler, 1841-1845

Nov      Ray Loesby, Yule Quarry, Marble, CO.

   Adelbert Armitage obit., 1918

   Surname index for 2003

2004     Feb      Mildred Rea memories

May      Mildred Rea recalls trip, early 1900s, NE, CO

Aug      Women’s Christian Temperance Union history, 1870s-1890s

   Mildred Rea memories, con’t., 1925

Nov      Eula Lea Hotchkiss Ricks death notice, d. 2004, Englewood, CO

   Montrose High School class of 1929 members deceased

   T. Melvin Griffiths bio. notes and obit., age 78, d. 1989, CO

                           Surname index for 2004

2005     Feb      Alfred Howell obit. and letter from wife, 1912-1979, Montrose, CO

   Montrose County Marriages, 1883-1884

   Montrose officials remembered, 1883-1924

May      Montrose county Marriages, 1885-1886

Aug      Montrose county marriages, 1887-1888

   Montrose Mayors and council members, 1882-1903

   William Zillmer obit., 1840-1925, Ger. CO

Nov      Charles Henry Warrens-Elizabeth Easton Adams fam. 1850-1880’s

   Montrose county Marriages, 1889

   Montrose Mayors and council members, 1904-1953

   Surname index for 2005

2006     Feb      Ute Indians of CO. history

   Montrose newspaper excerpts, 1897

   Montrose High School Class of 1911

   Montrose county marriage records, 1890-91-92

   William A. McKinnon obit., 1912-1984

   Montrose mayors and council members, 1955-2005

   Settling of Paradox, CO.

   Montrose First Methodist Church, list of ministers, group photo

May      Russell Wright bio.

   Rev. M. J. Hersey bio.

   Raymond B. LaBarr Family history

   Buckskin Charley newspaper excerpts, ca. 1936

   Agnes M. Lis Orr obit., 1913-1989

   Montrose newspaper excerpts, 1883 and 1898

   Montrose County Marriage records, 1893-1896

Aug      Naturita, CO. “The Beginnings”

   Murder of Hiney Hall and Freddie Jacobs

   Buckskin Charley, 1921 news article

   Montrose County Marriage records, 1897-1899

   Montrose newspaper excerpts, 1898

   Montrose Business and professional club members, 1927

                           Bellgardt family history, 1873-1964

   Montrose County office holders, 1888

Nov      Rev. Mark T. Warner bio. 1889-1975

   First Presbyterian church history, pastors and charter members

   Montrose newspaper excerpts, 1899

   Fay Brewer and Virginia Buffington memorials

   Edward L. Rhyan obit., 1855-1913

   Chief Ouray’s death, 1880

   Surname index for 2006

2007     Feb      Fore-Kin Trails Gen. Soc. history

   Beverly Brown Tribute

   G. O. Gilbert obit., 1857-1922

                           Montrose Business directory, 1885

   Montrose city Sanborn Fire map,1885

   Cantonment/Ft. Crawford history,1880-1890

   Cantonment 1885 CO. state census

    First Regular Train into the Uncompahgre Valley

   First County Jail, 1883, Montrose

   Montrose County sheriffs, 1883-1889

May      Alice M. Reynolds obit., 1856-1926

   Sheriffs of Montrose County, 1889-1909

   Township map, Twp 49 Range 9 , Montrose 1888

   Montrose high school graduates, 1903

   Delinquent tax list Montrose Co., 1898

Aug      History of the Grand Army of the Republic

   Gen. John Alexander Logan bio., 1826-1886

   Montrose G.A.R. commanders, officers, members, 1895 and 1910

   G.A.R. news bits,1896-1905

   Township map, Twp 49,Range 10,Montrose 1884

   John M. Barron bio. and obit., d. 1922

   G.A.R. members, Elliott, Fitzgerald, Gage, J. E. McClure, Miller, Monell,

      Reynolds, Ryman, Smith, Truax, Upton, Zann.

   Maude Austin obit., 1893-1975

Nov      Montrose had two sheriffs:  DeGuelle and Callaway

   M. A. Callaway obit., 1867-1929

                           Charles Diehl obit., d. 1910

   Diehl and Buddecke Merchants

   Sarah Diehl obit., d. 1910

   Surname and subject index for 2007

2008     Feb      Mexican-American War, 1846-1848

   Mormon Battalion, 1846-1847

   Great Salt Lake Valley Migration, 1847-1869

   William Asbury Park & Pricilla Court

   Colorado County Map, 1872

   William Park’s Children

   Ada Park Hubbard

   Tragedy at the Gunnison Tunnel

   Philalethean Club early members

   Mrs. Albert Shubert Funeral

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1908

May      Montrose Fires, 1897

   Settling of Paradox, Montrose County, CO

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1908

   Miss Blake Will Donate Land. 1921

   1931 Map of Western Slope

                           Montrose High School class of 1917

   Sheriffs of Montrose County, 1914-1921

   Death of Alice M. Reynolds, 1920

Aug      Sheriffs of Montrose County, 1920-1945

   Removal of the Utes

   Pioneers, L. E. Ross, L. W. Sweitzser, Gus A. Frost

   Ladies of the Reviewers Club, 1897-1976

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1908

Nov      Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1908

   Woman’s Missionary Society U. P. Church 1908-1916

   Richard Raschke obit. 1896

   Early Montrose Hospitals and Doctors

   Dr. A. Johnson, Dr. Harriet Collins, Dr. Fred Schermerhorn,

Dr. John Quincy Allen

                           Montrose Genealogy Center Grand Opening

   Surname and Subject Cumulative Index 2008

2009     Feb      Early Montrose Businesses

   Popular Couple Weds—Nelle B. Osborn & Harry Rowland Lee

   Montrose High School Class of 1904 & 1905

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1909

   Early Hospitals and Doctors continued

   Dr. Edgar Hadley, Dr. Harriett Collins

   St. Luke Hospital, 1916-1949

   Three generations of Drs. Brethouwers

   1918 Influenza epidemic deaths

   Death of Alice M. Reynolds, 1920

May      Ute Indian Dance, Chipeta Visit, 1911

   Mrs. Walter M. McCafferty death, 1910

   Tom Thumb Wedding—Joseph West & Francis Blair, 1910

   Montrose Pioneers 1874-1885

   Montrose County High School Class of 1939

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1909

Aug      Sheriffs of Montrose County, 1946-1994

   Where is Ben Gray?

   Montrose Sheriff actions, 1972

   Colorado Cooperative Company, 1893-1909, Pinon, Nucla, Naturita

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1909

   1883 Colorado Business Directory, Montrose

   County Assessors, 1883-1997

Nov      Montrose Genealogy Center Report

   Blogs, Pads, Videos and Wikis

   Montrose History Driving Tour

   2009 Index of surnames and subjects

   Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1909

2010     Feb      Harriet Dalton Collins obituary, 1913

   Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mcclure golden anniversary, 1913

   J. M. Reynolds and A. F. Reeves Residences

                           Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1910

   Hartman Brothers

   1934 Oldest Cars  & their owners

   First cars in Montrose County

   First 100 License plates & owners in Montrose county

May      Montrose Christian Church History & Pastors, 1908-2008

   Early Members of Montrose Christian Church

   Sam Stewart / Claude Rogers descendents

                           Montrose Residences—Chas. T. Baker, W. S. Callaway, F. M. Beckwith,

W. A. Doak

                           Montrose Newspaper Excerpts, 1910

   Montrose County High School Class of 1935

   Montrose Genealogy Center moves to 700 East Main

Aug      Montrose County High School class of 1935 con’t.

   Francis Atlee Graves obituary

   Arthur Lytle obituary

   Eckerly arrested as Hun spy

   Largest funeral in Montrose

   Cemetery Symbols

Nov      J. T. Heath

   How Colorado Women Got the Vote

   Montrose City Managers

   Old Residences of Montrose

   Clair Albert Trader obituary

   2010 index of surnames & subjects

2011     Feb      Germans in Russia

   1910 Census of Russians Speaking German in Montrose

and Delta

   Martin Frank family and descendants

   Map of Olathe 1883

May      Montrose County Paupers

   Map of Olathe 1928-1936

   Murder of Joseph Contraras

   Isaac Wilson obituary

   Frank family corrections

Aug      J. V. Lathrop and family

   Lathrop Hardware store

   Map of West of Cimarron 1928-1936

   Mildred Keller obituary

Nov      Montrose Madams in the 1880’s, 1890’s and 1910’s

   Ann Blanchard

   Map of City of Montrose 1904

   Men of the Redlight District

   Madams from courthouse records

   2011 Index

2012     Feb      The Brethouwers, 100 years of medical care in Montrose

   Brethouwer family tree

   Montrose Medical Center at 700 East Main,

   now home of Montrose Genealogy Center

May      Italian Immigrants in Montrose County

   John DeJulio

   Frank Williams

   Joe Bertorello


   Fairview School

   1885-1930 Censuses of Italians in Montrose County

Aug      Vigilante Justice

   Mrs. H. R. Parsons obituary

   Periodicals at the Montrose Genealogy Center

   William & Elizabeth Hampton family

   Wm. F. Diehl obituary

Nov      John Ashenfelter biography

   Ashenfelter Freighting Company

   Ashenfelter orchard

   Butch Cassidy

   2012 Index

2013     Feb      Olathe, CO

   Fannie Moffitt obituary

   Lucius M. Fitts obituary

   Alonzo S. Wright Family

Olathe grade school fire

May      Olathe/Colorow town name

   Menoken School

   Menoken School Census 1887-1904

   Mrs. John McMahon obituary

   Olathe typhoid epidemic/Water system

   Dr. Charles Lockwood

Aug      Herbert Reeves & Gertrude Nichols wedding

   Olathe District #15 School Census 1888-1895

   Mills Family

   Octa Loper, Olathe resident

   Lester Allen Stevens obituary

   Olathe headlines 1910-1911

Nov      Olathe History

   Burch family

   Olathe Highland School Census 1885-1904

   Shirley Burch/Burkdoll

   John F. & Laura Foster obituaries

   2013 Index

2014     Feb      Demoret Family

   Township map Olathe 1928-1936

   A. J. Rawson obituary

                           Olathe Brown school Census 1887-1896

            May      Our Mexican Heritage

   Conklin obituary

   Casias family

   Mexicans in 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 US Censuses

   Spanish and Mexican land grants

   Mexican Soldiers from Montrose County, WWI and WWII and Korea

   Memories of Olathe


Aug      Wilson and Lines obituaries

   Memories of Olathe

   Sanburg family

   Swedes in Montrose

Nov      Smallpox and Flannery family

   Bellgardt Ranch and family

   Olathe First Baptist Church

   Hotchkiss and York obituaries

   2014 Index

2015     Feb      Templeton ranch and family

   The West End and Uravan

   Memories of Olathe

                          Smith and Mabry obituaries

May      Heath family

   Dr. Helene Nordlund, West end

   Memories of Olathe

   Clark obituary

   Montrose Downtown Merchants Parking Association

Aug      Hartman Sanitarium

   Dave Wood obituary

   Lydia Franklin Goodaker

   Memories of Olathe

   Montrose pest house

   Dr. Harriette Collins

Nov      Laura Boyd lost

   Montrose School census 1883-1886

   W. D. Jay obituary

   Memories of Olathe

   Pete Campbell, West end

   2015 Index