Online Index Files


Online Index Files

Below are links to indexes from various sources available at the library.  All are in pdf.  On any page on this site, press the “Ctrl” key + the “F” key (at the same time). This will bring up a search field to search on that page.   When you type your search word, they will be highlighted.

If you find a name you are looking for in any of the indexes, visit our Index Request Form to request a digital file or hard copy of the article.  Requests are $5 per request if result is emailed.  There is an additional $1 fee if result is sent by USPS.

Your request and check may be mailed to the Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society as shown on the Request Form, or the request may be sent as an email attachment and payment may be made through PayPal.  To use PayPal, click on the option desired in the drop-down table below, then click on Add-to-Cart button.


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Indexes of Histories

* Bits and Pieces of Olathe History  by Lawrence and Winona Viers.


* Early Recollections of Montrose, Colorado  by Hugo Selig.


* Ptarmigan (Quarterly publication by Montrose High School students.)


* Passing of the Two-Gun Era by Alva Galloway.


* Where Apple was King  (Early history of Montrose County up to 1905)


Miscellaneous Indexes

* Surname File


* Uncompahgre Valley Chronicle Index 1996-2016  (Quarterly of Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society)


Newspapers Indexes

* Obituaries/Death Notice Index from Montrose area and other newspapers in the Uncompahgre Valley 1896-201