Library Shelf List Indexed

Mahlon and Phoebe Collins Family 1777 to 1980929.2 REC
Colorado 1765: Juan River’a 978.8 BAK
Colorado, State of Yearbooks 1945-1947, 1956-1958 & 1962-196415.978 COL
Colorado, 1776-1976: Nothing is long ago, a docuentary History16.9788 FER
America: Ships of our Ancestors, Passenger Ships to America0163.x ANU
Colorado and Wyoming, Archives in : a directory 1996026 LIN
Colorado State Archives Finding aids: Quick Index027 COL
Ouray (CO) times, The   (micro film)071.822 OUR
San Juan, The                     (micro film)071.825 SAN
La Plata (CO) miner, The (micro film)071.825 SAN
Silverton (CO) democrat, The (micro film)071.825 SIL
Durango (CO) herald, The (micro film)071.829 DUR
Lake City Mining register,The (micro film)71.839 LAK
 Ouray through Yuma County, Miscellaneous newspapers (micro film)71.878 MIS
 Hinsdale County through Otero County, Miscellaneous newspapersArchives
Montrose MesengerArchives
 American migration routes,Map guide to, 1735-1815304.873 DOL
Colorado’s Women, History of for young people 305.4097 EPS
 Colorado 1936-1942: Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees333.7 COL
Colorado Conservation Corp.: With Pick, Shovels, and Hope333.7615 HIN
Colorado, Southern: Crusaders for Wildlife, history of stewardship  333.95 HIN
Colorado Industries of the Past338.0978 REI
 United States Postal Service, 1775-1973 History of 353.4 UNI
Texas, Ft. Stocton, Gibbs Field Yearbook 1943-D358. GIB
Texas, Ft. Stocton Gibbs FieldYearbook 1943-C358. GIB
AZ.,Chandler,  Williams Field ( Yearbook 1943)358. WIL
Colorado, Outlaw tales of : True Stories of Colorado’s robbers, rustlers, and bandits364.1097 MUR
Butch Cassidy, my brother364.155 BET
 National Society of DAR: History of the Colorado State Society 1971-1987369.135 DAU
 History in Colorado of DAR369.135 TAR
 Source-Guide  Book to Genealogy, The929.1 SOU
 Ships: Book of old Ships, The building of378.2 CUL
Colorado: Cache la Poudre, natural history of Rocky Mountain river508.7886 EVA
Colorado: Riding, roping, and Roses,  Colorado’s women ranchers636.01 SAM
Montrose and San Miguel County Brands636.0812 LON
Philalethean cookbook, The641.5 PHI
Colorado Peaks: Fourteen thousand feet; a history of the naming and early ascents of the high Co. peaks796.522 HAR
World Atlas912 NAT oversize
Colorado, Montrose County: Historic maps of Montrose County, CO. 912 NIC oversize
United States of America: Genealogical and Historical atlas of the United States of America912.73 KIR
Wagon train journal, An 1839 (Western Prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Territory)917.8042 FAR
Ghost Towns and Back Roads; the West917.8043 BOW
Colorado place names: communities, counties, peaks, passes917.88 EIC
Colorado: John Wesley Powell’s exploration of the Colorado River917.913 JOH
Colorado Women: More than Petticoats: remarkable Colorado women920 SHI
Colorado Women: Colorado hidden heroines920.3788 COL
Colorado Women: Spirit of Pioneer Women; history of Colorado’s  Mesa County/ 2000 West Slope area 920.817 SPI
Colorado,Grand Junction Central High School (Tawasi 1967)927.3788 CEN
Hispanic families of New Mexico and Southern CO. , Genealogy of Selected929.07 MIL
Hispanic: Tracing your Hispanic heritage929.07 RYS
New England historical and Genealogical society register929.1 NEW
New England Historical and Genealogical /Genealogy–Periodicals–Indexes929.1 NEW
New England History/Register index of persons, vol 1-50 A-G929.1 NEW
New England History/Register index of persons, vol 1-50 P-R929.1 NEW
New England History/Register of persons , vol 51-148  A-C929.1 NEW
New England History/Register of persons, vol 51-148 I-Q929.1 NEW
New England History/Register of persons, vol 51-148 R-Z929.1 NEW
Source, The; a guidebook of American genealogy 929.1 SOU
German-English genealogical dictionary929.1 THO
Colorado genealogist929.105 COL
Family tree magazine929.1 GEN
Genealogist, The929.105 GEN
Source: Red Book; American state, county & town sources 3rd edition929.1072 RED
Hispanic: Colorado Hispanic genealogist929.1089 COL
Dingy, The (United States–Emigration and immigration periodicals929.173 DIN
Mayflower Families: First 5 generations929.173 MAY
National genealogical society quarterly929.173 NAT
Palatine Immigrant929.173 PAL
Second Boat, The/Vol. 9-15929.173 SEC
Colonial Tavernkeepers, Directory929.173 STR
Colonial Tavernkeepers, Directory Supp. / I-VII929.173 STR
Colonial Tavernkeepers: qualifying ancestors of Stryker-Rodda, Harriet, Ed Flagon & Trencher members v 1-9929.173 v.
Magna Charta Sureties, 1215: the Barons named in the Magna Charta929.173 WEI
New England Families, genealogical and memorial vol. 3 Pt 1 & 2929.174 CUT
First Settlers of New England; Genealogical Dictionary  v. 1-4929.174 SAV
Mary and John: Search for the Passengers of  vol 1-19929.174 SPE
Jonathan Hickman and his Descendants929.2 BAK
Antoine Robidoux 1794-1860 and Memorial to the Robidoux Brothers 929.2 DAW ROB
DeJulio Family History929.2 DEJ
Colorado, CO.: Echoes of Elm Street: Pueblo, CO. an Italian heritage by Pauline DiSipio929.2 DIS
Colorado, Montrose County: Ramblings & Research of Irma Wilson Hofmann929.2 HOF
Genealogy and History of the Stock Family (Hutchinson)929.2 HUT
Bellows Genealogy, A 929.2 MAR
Pioneer Portrayals (Montrose High School Students)929.2 MHS
Older Americans Month-Montrose Area929.2 MON
Montrose Depot Museum: Experience In Lieu of Education929.2 ORR
Stear Family, Kinnan Family, DeVinny Family, Buterbaugh/Butterbaugh Family929.2 ROA
Russell Register, The929.2 RUS
Stollsteimer, Christian and Amamda; the life and times of a pioneer family of the Co. Territory929.2 STO
Van Arsdale and Willden Templeton; their lives and times929.2 TEM
Wilcox929.2 WIL
Emigrants : Complete Book of  vol 1, 3 and 4929.37 COL
Federal Land Series: a calendar of archival materials-land patentsissued by U.S. Governament v. 3929.37 SMI
Irish Immigrants: Famine Immigrants; lists of Irish immigrants arriving at port of New Yorki 1846-1851 v. 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6929. FAM
Pilgrims: Lineages of the National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims vol. II929.373 NAT
National and New England: Ship passenger lists; national and New England (1600-1825) vol 3929.373 SHI
Immigrants to America from the Prussian Province, Pomerania (Pommern), Germany 1853-1854929.373 WEL
Wuerttemberg emigration index, The  vol 2, 3, 4, and 5929.373 WUE
German Immigrants: lists of passengers bound from Bremen to New York, 1855-1871  vol 2, 3 and 4929.373 Zim
New England: Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New-England929.374 FAR
Immigration: The Great Migration; Immigrants to New England 1634-1635  vol. 1-5929.374 GRE
Immigration to the middle colonies: a consolidation of ship passenger lists929.374 IMM
New England: Memorial biographies and Historic Genealogical Society; Towne memorial fund vol 1 /1845-52929.374 NEW
American Genealogist Consolidated Index of vol 1-41 PT. 1, 2 and 3929.374 AME
American Genealogist  vol 9 – 41929.3746 AME
Sutphen Family, The genealogical and biographical notes on nine American generations929.3749 SUT
Maryland Genealogical Society bulletin929.33752 MAR
Colorado Territorial Families from Ohio929.3771 COL
Montrose County, Colorado Marriage Records 1883-1909929.3788 MAR MON 
Colorado: Rifle High School (Yearbook 1946) 929.3782 RIF 1946
Colorado: Ouray County Cemeteries: Cedar Hill 1983-84929.3788 CEM OUR
Colorado: Banks Compilation of Birth Data of Men with Links to Montrose County, CO. 929.3788 BAN
Colorado: Boulder Quarterly Genealogical Society929.3788 BOU
Colorado, Montrose: Anniv, Birth, Deaths, Marriages, Engagements Public Notices for Years 1992-1991 & 1999-2002929.3788 BRO
Colorado: Diary 1933, 1935, 1940, 1942 and 1943 (Emila (Snyder) Carlson)929.3788 CAR
Colorado, Cedar Creek Cemetery certificates 1919-1937  from Valley Lawn Funeral Home (by Fore-Kin Trails)929.3788 CED
Colorado,Ft. Crawford; Final Arcaeological Assessment of the Fort Crawford Military Post Cemetery929.3788 CEM BAK
Colorado, Bingham Hill Cemetery laporte & Bellvue, CO. 929.3788CEM BRI
Colorado, Montrose: Cedar Creek Cemetery Burial Records of Montrose, CO. 929.3788 CEM CED
Colorado, Ouray: Cedar Hill Cemetery Ouray, CO. 929.3788 CEM CED
Colorado, Montrose; Cedar Cemetery Potter’s Field929.3788 CED PF
Colorado, LaPorte: Bingham Hill 929.3788 CEM CLE
Colorado, Dallas Park Cemetery: maps, burials & deeds 1894-2012929.3788 CEM DAL
Colorado, Monument Cemetery: Tombstone inscriptions vol 1 – 4 and vol 8929.3788 CEM ELP 
Colorado, Montezuma County CO: a history  Ira S. Freeman: Index929.3788 CEM HUT
Colorado, Ash Mesa Cemetery: uploaded by Myrna Shirey to Find A Grave929.3788 HOL
Colorado, Olathe Cemetery, Montrose: Burial Records929.3788 CEM HUT
Colorado, Delores County: Cemeteries of Delores County, CO.929.3788 CEM LYD
Colorado Cemetery Directory929.3788 CEM MER
Colorado, Montrose County Funeral Home Abstracts vol 1-6929.3788 CEM MON 
Colorado, Ouray County Cemeteries: Cedar Hill 1983-84929.3788 OUR
Colorado, Dolores County Cemetery (Rico)929.3788 RIC
Colorado, San Juan County: Story of Hillside Cemetery, Silverton, CO. 929.3788 CEM STO
Colorado, Teller County: Tombstone Inscriptions929.3788 CEM TEL
Colorado, Valley Lawn Cemetery, Montrose929.3788 CEM VAL
Colorado, Valley Lawn Cemetery, Montrose: Burials 1958-1990929.3788 VAL Oversize
Colorado, Weld County: Tombstone Inscriptions  vol 1-2929.3788 CEM WEL 
Colorado, Centennial Middle School (yearbooks) 1976-78 and 2001 -2002929.3788 CEN
Colorado Palatines to America929.3788 CO
Colorado, Coal Creek School, Montrose (Thunderbolts 1979-80)929.3788 COA
Colorado Families, a territorial heritage929.3788 COL
Columbine Middle School (yearbooks) 1969 – 1975, 1077-1979, 1981 -1984, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999-2002, 2004, 2005-2007 929.3788 COL
Colorado Genealogist; Index volumes 1-X, 1939-1949929.3788 COL INDEX
Colorado DAR Member and Ancestor Index Supplement : Oct. 13, 1979-Oct10, 1984929.3788 COL SUPP
Colorado, Curecanti College Yearbook 1950 – 1953929.3788 CUR
Courage of a People—-OVERSIZE929.3788 DAI OVERSIZE
Colorado, Montrose Death Index   1896-1919929.3788 DEA
Colorado, Montrose Daily Press Death Records  1980-1995 vol 1 and vol 2929.3788 DR 1980-1995
Colorado, Montrose County State Census 1885929.3788 EIG
Colorado, Montrose Death Index 1895-1923929.3788 FKT
Colorado, Montrose Death Records recorded by Dona Freeman 1897-1929  Vol. 1 and 2 , A-L and M-Z929.3788 FRE
Colorado, Montrose Death Index from Montrose Daily Press and Messenger 1920-1923929.3788 FKT
Colorado: Into the Valley They Came–the Blue and the Gray929.3788FRE
Colorado, Fruita Monument High School (Yearbook) 2001929.3788 FUN
Colorado, Valley Lawn Funeral Home Cremations 1980-1999 (2 books)929.3788 FUN
Colorado, Conley Chapel, Book 1 -1963-1965 Funeral home929.3788 FUN CON
Colorado, Hawley Funeral Home 1902-1908 thru 1920  (4 books)929.3788 FUN HAW
Colorado, Valley Lawn Funeral Home, Master Index929.3788 FUN MAS
Colorado, Montrose Funeral Home 1934 thru 1986  ( 18 Books)929.3788 FUN MON 
Colorado, Pond Funeral Home 1920-1932929.3788 FUN PON
Colorado, Rippey Funeral Ledger 1909-1910 929.3788 FUN RIP
Colorado, Valley Lawn Funeral Home 1970-1973 and 1973-1975  (2 books)929.3788 FUN VAL
Colorado, White Funeral Home 1916-1935   (3 Books)929.3788 FUN WHI
Colorado, Lawyers from Denver: a century of service to the West and the Nation929.3788 GAU
Colorado, Grand Junction High School (Yearbooks) 1945-1995 AV929.3788 GRA
Colorado,Gunnison County High School Round-UP, The 1949, 1954, 1988 and 1989  (4 books)929.3788 GUN
Colorado, Guide to Vital Records  Vol 1929.3788 HIS
Colorado, Hotchkiss High School (Yearbooks) 1950-1952 (3 books)929.3788 HOT
Colorado, Montrose Counry Paupers 1912-1919929.3788 IND
Colorado, Journal of the Wastern Slope, The 1996 Periodical929.3788 JOU 
Colorado, Uncompahgre Valley Water Project, Land entries Montrose and Delta Counties  1881-1906929.3788 LAN
Colorado:  As we were; Life in early Longmont 1871-1900929.3788 LAR
Colorado, Arapahoe County Marriages: an every nameextraction of original Marriage records /Vol 3929.3788 MAR ARA 
Colorado, Montrose County Marriage Records 1911-1965929.3788 MAR COL
Colorado, Montrose County Marriages 1930- 1985: incomplete list of names from Montrose Daily Press/Drawer 2929.3788 MAR 
Colorado, Marriage records of Mesa County 1883-1912 929.3788 MAR INS
Colorado, Montrose County Marriage Records 1883-1909 929.3788 MAR MON 
Colorado, Montrose: Methodist Church Membership books929.3788 MEM
Colorado, Montrose County, Men and Women in World War II 929.3788 MEN
Mesa Dwellers929.3788 MES
Miller (Carlson),  Ruth : Diaries 1939 thru 2012929.3788 MIL
Colorado, Montrose County tax lists 1883-1887929.3788 MON
Colorado, Montrose County license plates 1931929.3788 MON
Colorado, Montrose County list of paupers 1901-1913929.3788 MON
Colorado, Montrose High School Yearbooks  1941-2010929.3788 MON
Colorado, Montrose County Cemetery and burial Records  vol 5929.3788 MON
Colorado, Montrose: Morgan School /School pictures  1971-1996929.3788 MOR
Colorado, Montrose City directory 1963/Mullin-Kille and Daily Press929.3788 MUL
Colorado, :Naturalization records Index: U.S. District Court-Pueblo 1906-1926 (2 books)929.3788 NAT
Colorado, Olathe Highschool (The Hub) 1927929.3788 OLA
Colorado, Olathe Highschool (The Hub) 1969-1983, 1985-86, 1988-1991, 1993-1996, 1999-2000, 2002-2009929.3788 OLA
Colorado, Western Slope Criterion Obituries 1905-1915929.3788 OLA-CRI
Colorado, Palisade High School (Yearbook 1982)929.3788 PAL
Pikes Peak Genealogical Society (Periodicals)929.3788 PIK
Pinon Whispers (Periodicals)929.3788 PIN
Durango Colorado City directory 1967929.3788 POL
Prowers County Genealogical Society (Periodicals)929.3788 PRO
Weld County Genealogical Society (Quarterly) 929.3788 QUA
Ridgway High School (Yearbook) 2005929.3788 RID
San Juan County Newspaper Index 1884-1887, 1979-1883929.3788 SAN
Montrose County Church Records and Registers 929.3788  STA
Montrose County Surnames 1930-1985; an incomplete list from Montrose Daily Press and Enterprise (Drawer 4)929.3788 SUR 
Mesa County Telephone Directory 1949929.3788 TEL
Montrose Telephone Directories 1959-1968929.3788 TEL
Delta County Telephone Directory 1969-1970 and 1973929.3788 TEL
Gunnison, Crested Butte and lake City Telephone Directory 1974929.3788 TEL
Grand Junction, CO., White and Yellow Page Directory 1990-1991929.3788 TEL
Montrose and surrounding town phone directory  2018929.3788 TEL
Montrose, CO.  Names and Numbers Phone Directory 2019929.3788 TEL
Montrose, Delta and Telluride Phone Directory 2007929.3788 TEL DEX
Montrose City and County Directory 1912-1913  F. A. McKinney929.3788 TEL MCK
Montrose County, City Directory929.3788 TEL MON
Montrose CountyTeleophone Directory 1990, 1998 and 2009 Names and numbers929.3788 TEL MON
Montrose, CO. City Directory 1963 Mullin-Kille and Daily Press929.3788 TEL MUL
Montrose, CO. Telephone Directory 2004, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017929.3788 TEL NAM
Montrose, Nucla-Naturita Telephone Directory 2002-2004, 2006-2014929.3788 TEL NUC
Montrose CO. Offical City Directory 1963929.3788 TEL OFF
Montrose County, CO. City Directory 1980 929.3788 POL
Uncompahgre Telephone Directory 2005-2012, 2014-2019929.3788 TEL UNC
Colorado City Directories 1998 U.S. West929.3788 TEL UNI
Colorado Directories 2008-2010 Yellow Book929.3788 TEL YEL
Montrose, Delta, Telluride and surrounding area Phone Directory (White and Yellow) 1990-1991929.3788 TEL 
Colorado Women’s College 1888-1982929.3788 TUR
Montrose County birth notices (Uncompahgre ) 1983-2007, 2011-2014929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre Valley Chronicle (Periodical)929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre Valley Weddings and anniversaries 1885-2002 929.3788 UNC
Montrose County (Uncompahgre) obituaries 1842-1929 from Daily Press, Ridgway Sun, Plaindealer, Tell-Planet and Watch929.3788 UNC 
Uncompahgre engagements, weddings and anniversaries 1885-2002929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre birth notices 1885-2007929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre Obituaries 1930-192019 from Daily Press, Ridgway Sun, Ouray Plaindealer and Tell. Planet and Watch929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre Obit Cumulative index of Names 1988-2015929.3788 UNC
Uncompahgre Valley Chronicle Cumulative Index 1996-2013929.3788 UNC INDEX
World War II Honor List of dead and missing 1939-1945 929.3788 UNI
University of Denver (Yearbook) 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949929.3788 UNI
Valley Lawn Funeral Home: 1975-1977 929.3788 VAL 
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Vital Records  1906-1957  (Baptisms) vol. 1929.3788 VIT
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Vital Records  1906-1957  (Marriages and Deaths) vol 2929.3788 VIT
Ophir Cemetery historical archaeologogical assessment929.3789 BAK
Colorado Springs, City Directory 1983 by Polk929.3792 TEL POL
Provo, Utah 1985 by Polk 1985929.3792 TEL POL
Pueblo, CO. City Directory 1986 by Polk929.3792 TEL POL
Longmont, CO. City Directory 1987  by Polk929.3792 TEL POL
Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver volumes 1 & 2929.3795 CAT
Oregon Genealogical Society quarterly (Periodicals)929.3795 ORE
Seattle Fire Departmant929.3797 SEA
Hispanic Surnames and Family History 929.4 PLA
Denver North High School (Yearbook) 1936-1938, 1998929.5788 DEN
Ft. Lewis colege (Yearbook) 1941929.5788 FOR
Rifle High School (Yearbook) 1983-1985929.3788 GAR
Olathe High School (Yearbook) (The Hub) 1927 & 1928929.3788 OLA
Durango, Colorado city directory 1967929.5788 TEL DUR
Boulder, Colorado city directory 1985-1986 Polk929.5788 TEL POL
Denver, Colorado city directory 1986  Polk929.5788 TEL POL
Walsenburg, Colorado city directory 1987  Polk929.5788 TEL POL
Colorado Springs, Colorado city directory 1988 Polk929.5788 TEL POL
Trinidad, Colorado city directory 1987 Polk929.5788 TEL POL
University of Colorado (Yearbook) 1916929.5788 UNI
Western State College (Yearbook) 1923, 1945-1947, 1954-1955, 1967-1969929.5788 Wes
Colorado’s Volunteer Infantry in the Philippine Wars, 1898-1899959.9031 HUN
Indian History and Genealogy970.1 IND
Southern Utes, The; a tribal History970.3 JEF
Trail of Tears: the rise and fall of the Cherokee nation970.3 EHL
Trail of tears, The:  Story of the Americcan Removals, 1813-1855970.3 JAH
Sand Creek massacre: Song of sorrow970.9 MEN
Civil War: Photographic History 1861-65, vol 2, vol 4, vol 6, vol 9, vol 10P56 
Civil War: an Illustrated History973.7 WAR
Confederates, Embattled; an illustrated history of Southerners at War973.713 WIL
Winthrop fleet of 1630; the vessels, voyage, passengers and their English homes974.4 BAN
Mayflower Planters; History and Genealogy 1620-1691974.48 HIL
Jamestown People to 1800: landowners, public officials, minorities and native leaders975.5 MCC
Marlows, Life of the: true stories of frontier life in early days976.4 LIF
Colorado’s U.S. Senators: 1876-2004978 ALL
America’s Fronties Heritage978 BIL
True Tales of the Oil West; lawmen vol 14 978 CON
History of the State of Colorado; accounts of pre-historic races vol 4978 HAV v. 4
Draper Manuscripts, Guide to 978 HAR
Rockies, The978 LAV
Settlers, How they Lived978 Lay
Missouri River Journal: People of the troubled Water978 PET
Beaver tales; trappers, traders and mountain men & scoundrels978 RAB
Dominiguez & Escalante; Wilderness Wanders 1776 Expedition978 REY
America moves West 1897978 RIE
Magnificent Mountain Women978 ROB
Mountain Men: first hand account of fur trappers and Indians 1820-1848978 RUX
Soiled Doves: prostitution in the early Wst978 SEA
Men to Match MY Mountains; opening of the Far West 1840-1900978 STO
F. Jay Haynes pioneer photographer of the Old West “Fowllowing the Frontier”978 TIL
National Archives, Rocky Mountain Region “Guide to”978 UNI
Colorado Women Hall of Fame: “Women of Consequence”978 VAR
Ghost Towns of the Mountain West: Hidden history and Oid West haunts of Colorado978 VAR
Gold and Silver in the West978 WAT
Who’s Who in Colorado 1938978 WHO
Cherokees “West” 1794-1839978.008 CHE
Zebulon Montgomery Pike, pathfinder and patriot 978.02 CAR
Lewis and Clark: Across the Divide978.042 GIL
Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier978.1 STR
Daughters of the American Revolution: “History of the Uncompahgre Chapter”  (Scrapbook)978,3788 DAU
Montrose Funeral Home 1902-2018 (Master Index)978.2788 FUN DMI
Wheel of time 1800-1984978.7 ARV
Rail Road “Around the circle in 1892; a thousand miles by rail through Rockey Mountains”978.8 ARO
Hispanic Colorado978.8 AYE
Ghost Towns and Mountain Spots, Unique978.8 BAN
Tabor’s Matchless Mine and Lusty Leadville978.8 BAN
Fairplay, CO. “Two Burros of Fairplay”978.8 BAN
Madams “Six Racy Madams of Colorado”978.8 BAN
Basalt: Friendly Town978.8 BAS
Lake City, CO. “A quick History of Lake City”978.8 BAT
Leadville, CO. “Palace of Ice” A history of Leadville’s Ice Palace 1895-1896978.8 BAL
Leadville, CO. “Everybody Came to Leadville”978..8 BAL
Pueblo, CO. “Family Maps of Pueblo Couty, CO.”978.8 BOY
Ghost Towns of Colorado “Ghost Towns Past and Present”978.8 BRO
Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies978.8 BRO
Utes Must Go, The978.8 CAM
Yucca Seed978.8 CAS
Denver and Rio  Grande Nrrow Gauge “Thirty Pound Rails”978.8 CHO
County Archives of Colorado, Inventory978/8 CJR
Colorado Quiz Bag978.8 CHU
Colorado Magazine (Periodical)978.8 COL
Colorado History978.8 COL
Colorado Magazine (1923-1948), Index978.8 COL
Co-Operative Century, The978.8 COO
Christmas on Berthoud Pass a Hundred Years Ago978.CRA
Cripple Creek Colorado, Commemorative Centennial Program978.8 CRI
Place names in Colorado978.8 DAW
Colorado History “Essays and Monographs in Colorado”978.8 ESS
Famous Coloradans: 124 people that have gained nationwide fame978.8 FAY
Victor, Colorado’s a quick History “City of Mines”978.8 FEI
Cripple Creek Railroads, a quick history of great gold Camp’s railroads978.8 FEI
Colorado Springs’, a quick history of  “The Antlers”978.8 FEI
Creede, Colorado, a quick history “Boom town”978.8 FEI
Colorado Trolleys a quick history978.8 FEI
Platoro Colorado mining camp and resort town978.8 FEI
Cripple Creek, a quick history of the world’s greatest gold camp978.8 FEI
Timber line; a story of Bonfils and Tammen 1890-1960978.8 FOW
Weird Colorado978.8 GET
Posey’s Spurs978.8 GRE
Fremont, Westward with978.8 GRE
Ouray, CO. History of: a heritage of mining & everlasting beauty; (vol 1)978.8 GRE 
Ouray, CO. History of: historic homes, buildings and people; vol 2978.8 GRE
Colorado’s Centruy of; “Cities”978.8 GRI
Guide to Manuscript Collections978.8 GUI
More valuable than Gold978.8 HAL
Estes Park from the Beginning978.8 HIC
Daughters of the American Revolution in Colorado 1953-1971, History of978.8 HIS
Colorado History, by State Historical and Natural History Cociety of CO.   (Vol 1 and Vol 4)978.8 HIS
Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in Colorado, “Colorado Fever”978.8 HOY
Colorado Hotels “Cobwebs and Crystal”978.8 HUL
Colorado 1870-2000 Photos of Colorado  (OVERSIZE)978.8 JAC
Western Slope, The Journal  (Periodical ) “Mesa College Historical Society”978.8 JOU
Western Slope, Journal of “Ft. Crawford, CO. ”  periodical978.8 JOU
Western Slope, Journal  Old Spanish Trail 1678-1850  periodical978.8 JOU
Western Slope, Journal  “Index”978.8 JOU
Otto Mears: Paradoxical Pathfinder978.8 KAP
Colorado Governors in profile: “Pioneers & Politicians”978.8 LAM
Rio Grande Glory Days978.8 LAT
Line Drawings “One Man’s West”978.8LAV
Amoung These Hills978.8 Liv
Uncompahgre978.8 MAR
Georgetown Landmarks; history, architecture978.8 NEE
Colorado Centennial-Bicentennial Commission, “Once in a Hundred”978.8 ONC
Pioneers of San Juan Country978.8 PIO
Plateau Valley “The Bull and the Bees or The Facts of Life in The Pitts. 978.8 PIT
Redvale CO. “Beginnings, Shanandoah, Coventry (West End of Colorado)978.8 POR
Progressive Men of Western Colorado978.8 PRO
Ouray, Silverton, Mining, Utes and Newspapers “OfRecord and Reminiscence”978.8 RAT
Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death; death and dying in early Western CO. 978.8 Rey
Sunset Slope; true epics of Western CO. 978.8 ROC
Pioneers of CO, True History 978.8 SHA
Images of the San Juans.978.8 SMI978.8 SMI
Colorado Galaxy: history, personalities, romance, firsts, gems, humor, drama and things about Colorado978.8 TAY
Territorial Daughters of Colorado Membership Register978.8 THI
Centenial Celebrations “Mountain Empire 1959”978.8 THI
Down the Colorado 978.8 ULL
Colorado’s Western Slope, “A Land Alone”978.8 VAN
Dominguez-Escalante Journal: Their expedition through Colorado, Utah, Ariz and New Mexico 1776978.8 VOL
Crested Butte Melting Pot978.8 VEL
Pioneer Potluck: recipes of Early, CO. 978.8 VOL
Aspen on the roaring Fork978.8 WEN
Civil War, “Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War; New Mexico Campaign in 1862978.8 WHI
Colorado Oral History Guide978.8 WHI
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WPA, Work Project Administration in CO 1930 guide book978.8 WRI
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Colorado History: “Insights and views through postcards”978.803 HAR
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Utes, The: a forgotten people 978.803 ROC
Utes In Colorado, 1863-1880 (Thesis)978.803 SPI
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Routt County: Historical Guide978.814 STA
Kannah Creek: people stories and history978.817 AND
Western Slope of CO: “Wicked Western Slope” mayhem, mischief and murder in CO.978.817 BRO
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Fort Uncompahgre978.818 BAI
Uncompahgre Valley, The: pictorial works978.818 DAV
Delta, Colorado the first 100 Years978.818 DOH
Pioneer Lawyer: A story of the Western Slope of CO. 978.818 FAI
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Cimarron, CO. (History)978.819 BER
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Callaway, Orville “Bus”978.819 CAL
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100 Years Montrose, Colorado978.819 FRE
Montrose Fire Department: first 100 years978.819 FRE
World War 11  (Scrapbook)978.819 FRE
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Montrose History: “Passing of the two gun era: memoirs of Alva Galloway”978.819 GAL
Samborn Park School “A partial History of the Sanborn Park School and Community”978.819 GIL
Colona; village in the valley978.819 GOL
Montrose County: “Smoke From Old Campfires and Forgotten Trails”978.819 GRE
Ridgway Post Office, The 1890-1990978.819 GRE
Paradox: “The Hell that was Paradox”978.819 GRE
Colona: “The History of Colona and Pioneer Families”978.819 GRE
Gunnison, CO. Republican, The  (Newspapers)978.819 GUN
Gunnison, CO. News-Champion, The (Newspapers)978.819 GUN
Gunnison, CO. News-Champion & Republican (Newspaper)978.819 GUN
Uravan, CO. “Uravan, Colorado One Hundred Years of History”978.819 HAM
Methodist Church, Montrose, CO.: “They came with Bible and Spade”978.819 HAR
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Cimarron: An Era Gone By978.819 HUR
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Uncompahgre School, A History of978.819 KAT
Uncompahgre Valley: “Don’t Fence Me In”  (History)978.819 LAT
Paradox, CO. (Crime History) Reports of the Murder of Lemuel “Slim” Hecox at Cashin Mine, 1921″978.819 LAT
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Montrose, CO. Weekly Press, The (Newspaper Archives)978.819 MON
Montrose, CO Enterprise, The  (Newspaper Archives)978.819 MON
Montrose County News, The  (A Newspaper for World War 11 Servicemen)978.819 MON
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Gunnison Tunnel: “Images of America”987.819 MON
Cemeteries in and Around Montrose County, CO. (Scrapbook)978.819 MON
Chief Ouray and Chipeta   (Scrapbook)978.819 MON
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Morgan, J. B. “Lucky Glimpses Into the Life J.B. Morgan”978.819 MON
Funeral Homes in the Uncompahgre Valley  (Scrapbook)978.819 MON
Gunnison Tunnel: “Official Souvenir of the Gunnison Tunnel Opening 1909” (OVERSIZE)978.819 OFF
Nucla: “Spell of the Tabeguache”  (History)978.819 PET
Montrose Christian Church, 100 Years of History 1908-2008 978.819 REM
Irrigation and Reclamation of Montrose County, CO.  (Report)978.819 REP
Ridgway recipes and Remembrances: Centennial 1891-1991 (Family Names)978.819 RID
Paradox, CO. Early Mineralogical History978.819 RID
West End: “Annual News”978.819 RIM
West End: “Standard Chemical Company” (History)978.819 RIM
Nucla “The Rimrocker Historical Society” (Greeting/Happy 4th)978.819 RIM
West End: “Annual News”978.819 RIM
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Paradox, CO. “The Bedrock School Bulletin”978.819 SHI
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Olathe Photographs 1900-1914   (Scrapbook)978.819 SMI  
Cimarron, CO.: “Back Door to the Black Canon”  (History of Cimarron Townsite)978.819 STE
Oak Grove School, Montrose, CO, A History of978.819 STY
Templetons: “The Visionaries, first and second generation of the Templeton” (Pinon, Ute and Nucla Areas978.819 TEM
Naturita, CO. Where the Past Meets the Future978.819 TEM
Nucla and Naturita, CO. “History 2001 thru 2009 and 2012-2014”978.819 TEM
Black Canyon of the Gunnison, The978.819 VAN
Colona Cemetery   (Scrapbook)978.819 VAR
Olathe: “Bits and Pieces of Olathe History”978.819 VEI
Black Canyon: “Through the Black Canyon”978..819 WAR
Hillcrest Congregational Church of Christ 2013: “Women’s Union” 100 years978.819 WOM
World War 1          (Scrapbook)978.819 WW1
Nucla and Naturita, CO. “History 2010 and 2011”  ( 2 Books)978.8198 TEM
World War 1: “Colorado Soldiers in WW 1, 1917 – 1918, Montrose, County, CO. 978.819 COL
Ouray, CO. 987.822 BEN
Smith Ranch978.822 FRE
San Juan, In The Colorado, sketches978.822 GIB
Ouray, CO.: “Mountain Mysteries”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO: “Box Canyon Falls and Park”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO: “Wright Opera House”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO: “Ouray’s Historical Hospital and Today’s County Museum”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO: “Ouray;s Era of Bars and Brothels”978.819 GRE
Ouray, CO: “Ouray’s Beaumont Hotel”978.819 GRE
Ridgway, CO: “The Town That Refused to Die”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO.: “A Walk Into History” (houses on Oak Street)978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO.: “The Great Revenue and Surrounding Mines”978.822 GRE
Ouray, CO.: “Houses on Oak Street”978.823 GRI
Ouray, CO.: “Reflections on Lake Lenor”978.823 GRI
Colorado History978.822 HAF
Ridgway, History978.822 HIS
Ouray, Colorado: “Material Culture, Social Networks and the Chinese  (Thisis978.822 KNE
Uncompahgre Valley and the Gunnison Tunnel978.822 MAR
Ouray Miners and Merchants Bank Check Registers (2 books)978.822 MIN
Delta: “Trails and Trials”978.822 MUS
Ouray County Historical Society Magazine     (Periodicals)978.822 OUR
Ouray, The Gem of the Rockies978.822 OUR
Log Hill: “History Stories of Early Log Hill”978.822 RAI
Log Hill Mesa Past and Present978.822 RAI
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Ouray and Ridgway Ranch Life: “A Ranching Legacy”978.822 ROU
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Ouray, A quick History of978.822 SMI
Otto Mears”Pathfinder of the San Juan”978.822 WIL
Telluride (Pictorial Work)978.822 BAR
Telluride, A Brief History978.823 BAR
Telluride, CO.: “Conversations at 9,000 Feet      (Oral Histories)978.823 CON
Telluride:      ” From Pick to Powder”978.823 FET
Last Dollar Ranch: Hastings Mesa, CO.978.823 FRE
Telluride Story, The 978.823 LAV
Telluride’s Wars: “Corpse on Boomerand Road” 1899-1920978.823 MAR
Telluride, A Quick History “Boom – Bust-Boom”978.823 WEB
Telluride, Recollections of 1895-1920978.823 WEN
Silverton and Neighboring Ghost towns978.825 BEN
Silverton Then and Now                     (A Pictorial History)978.825 BIR
Silvertown: “Mining the Hard Rock in the Silverton San Juans”978.825 MAR
Silverton, A Brief History978.825 SMI
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge a Quick History978.825 SMI
Silverton: ” Swanee’s Silverton”978.825 SWA
Silverton: “Snowflakes and Quartz”978.825 WYM
Mesa Verde National Park978.827 SMI
La Plata County, CO:  LaPlata Tri-cultural Traditions978.829 WIL
Durango, CO.: “Blue Coats, Red Skins and Black Gowns”  100 years of Delancy, Robert W.978.829 DEL
LaPlata County: “Vallecito Country”978.829 WAR
Delta Montrose Public Lands978.829 DMP
Arkansas Valley, CO., History of  1881978.83 HIS
San Juan Silver, dedicated to the Pioneers of Western CO. and Chief Ouray and Chipeta978.83 MON
San Juan Silver  (INDEX)978.83 MON
Ute War, The978.83 MUM
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Colorado San Juan Counties: “Silver & Sawdust”978.83 REH
Colorado’s Western Slope, “Hand-Clasp of the East and West”978.83 RIP
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San Luis Valley, The Story of978.83 SPE
Cripple Creek: “Money Mountain”  978.83 SPR
Antonito history: “Looking Into the Past   Vol 2”978.83 RIC
Uncompahgre Pleateau978.83 MAR
Delta County:  “Antoine Robidoux and Fort Uncompahgre”978.83 REY
Hinsdale and Gunnison county: “Epitaph for an Editor”, 1875-1975978.839 WAL
Colorado, St. Vrain Valley: “St. Vrain Valley, The”978.84 BOY
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Georgetown, CO.: Historic Georgetown 1868-1968″978.84 CHA
El Paso County, CO. “Life in the Pike’s Peak region”978.84 DAL
Colorado Frontier History: “Over Hill and Vale” (Longs Peak) ” volume 1,2, and 3 978.84 DUN
Mancos, CO.: “Come back to my Valley”978.84 ELL
Alamosa, CO.: “Alamosa, San Luis Valley’s big city”978.84 FEI
 Montrose County News 1944-45      (OVERSIZE)978.84 FKT
Littletown, CO.: “Littletown from the Beginning”978.84HIC
Eagle County, CO.: “Early Days on the Eagle”978.84 MAC
Pikes Peak CO.,: “Pikes Peak Region, a Sesquicentennial History”978.84 PIK
Longmont, CO., “They Came to Stay”978.84 SAI
Fort Collins yesterdays978.84 SWA
Dolores, CO.: “Dolores Star Diamond Jubilee 1897-1891, The”          (OVERSIZE)978.84 UNK 
Carbonate, Garfield County, CO.: “Cold Snows of Carbonate”978.84 URQ
Leadville, CO. :”Tabor Family Album”978.846 BLA
Leadville, CO., : “Lealdville, a Miner’s Epic”978.846 VOY
St. Elmo, CO.: “From Gold to Ghosts”978.84 AND
University of Colorado 1876-1976    Centennial Publication               978.863 UNI
Grand County, CO.: “Grand County Historical Assn. ”    (Periodicals) 1876-1976 978.865 GRA
Montrose Merchantile Journal 1897-1898  (INDEX of NAMES)978.865 MON
Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park Then & Now   (Pictorial Works)978.868 PIC
Colorado: A Guide to the Highest State978.875 COL
Logan County, CO.: “A Brief History of Logan County”978.875 CON
Colorado Without Mountains: A Memoir by Harold Hamil978.875 HAM
Colorado 1870-2000 History behind the Images     (Revisited)978.875 NOE
Denver’s Lively Past; Queen City of the Plains978.88 BAN
Brown Palace in Denver, CO.     (History)978.88 BAN
Colorado Heritage  (Periodicals)978.88 COL
University Park, Denver: Four Walking Tours978.88 ETT
First German Congregational Church Diamond Jubilee, 1894-1969978.88 FIR
Brown Palace Story: Denver, CO978.88 HUN
Denver; Mining Camp to Metropolis973.88 LEO
Denver, City of 1888: History of Denver and Satellite Cities978.88ROB
Denver’s Richthofen Castle978.88 SEI
Arvada 1850-1870; Waters of Gold978.88 WAT
Fairmount and Historic Colorado978.883 HAL
Coloado Governor’s Mansion:  “Queen of the Hill”978.883 SMI
Western Yesterdays: A collection of authentic interviews   (Vol 3)978.884 CRO
Jefferson County, CO. : “Colorful Past of a Robbins”978.884 RPB
Golden, CO. the 19th Century: A Colorado Chronicle978.884 WAG
Colorado, Encyclopedia of Biography  (Volume 1)978.892 BYE
New Mexico Tax Assessments 1890978.9 DAN
Montrose Take a Closer Look978.919 NOR
Uncompahgre Pleateau 1880 to Present: A Story of People and Landscapes in Transition      (Scrapbook)978.819 DMP
Hispanic Culture in the Southwest979. CAM
Utah: “Beehive History:979.2 BEE
Poncha Springs, CO.:  “100 Years in the Heart of the Rockies”        (OVERSIZE)979.84 CJP
Tomboy Bride    (Biography)B Backus
Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains    (Biography)B Backus
Searching for Chipeta 1843-1924    (Biography-History)B Chipeta
Separate Lives: The story of Mary Rippon 1850-1935B Rippon
Mollie: the journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford /Nebraska and Colorado Territories 1857-1866B Sanford
Trail Dust or One Man’s Journey to the Cross B Stanton
My Journey as I RememberB Stark
I Hauled These Mountains in HereB Wood
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Analyzing Deeds and Wills: I see what it say, but what does it mean?CD 929.0704 MIL
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Forschungshilfe: Research tips and techniques for finding your German speaking ancestorCD 929.1072 FOR
Fouteen Documents to help with your German researchCD 929.1072 FOU
German Genealogy websitesCD 929.1072 GER
Lacopo German Genealogy SeminarCD 929.1072 LAC
Research tips and techniques for finding your German-Speaking AncestorCD 929.1072 RES
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DeVinny-Stear-Buterbaugh-Kinnan family HistoryCD 929.2 DEV
Honoring the Gray Families of the Uncompahgre Valley929.2 GRA 
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Notable Southern FamiliesCD 929.3089  FAM
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Mid West U.S. Migratiion “From Rivers to Trails to Roads to Canals to Trains)VIDEO 304.873 SCH