Button Cemetery

Montrose County, CO

Originally a public cemetery, now is private and abandoned. The only known burial date is 1902. There are 16 graves.   It is thought that this cemetery was used by the people who worked on the Gunnison Tunnel, but this cannot be proved.

 Ruth Dempsey is possibly the younger sister of fighter Jack Dempsey who trained and fought his first professional fight in Montrose.


Travel south from Montrose on US 550 for 4 miles to Trout Road, then east 1.0 miles to Pahgre Road,

then north 0.5 miles, on the east side of the road.


             Name                    Date of   Date of

       Last , First  Middle            Birth    Death             Note





Smith,  Baby

Smith ,  Baby

Smith,   Baby

Smith,  Mother

Whitled, Baby


Whitted, Mary Jutton

Page ,  Baby

Humphrey Baby

Dempsey,Ruth                 Possibly the younger sister of fighter Jack Dempsey

Finnegan, Tommy

Thompson,  Janie

Price,  Clyde  Alvia     6/27/1898   4/10/1902 (Only gravestone with dates)