Hastings Mesa (Knowles Cemetery)

Hastings Mesa Cemetery

San Miguel County, Colorado

     Known as Knowles Cemetery.  There are 5 graves, 3 adult and 2 children there.  One of the children’s graves is that of a grandchild, but no name.  No name or dates on any of the others.


The 1910 Census records show a Noel and Knowles family.  Knowles was first written as Noles and the K was added later.  There were 3 sons of Knowles still living on the place in 1910; James, Ira, and William.  Three daughters of 6 children: Mary, Grace, and Jessie. Jessie married William F. Cate and has 3 children listed in 1910; Stella, 4, Roy, 2, and Vern, 1/2.


Another grave is in the Hastings Mesa area: Robinette baby.  From a letter from Will Watts, who spent several years of his younger life in the Dallas, Hastings area, dated Dec 1982: “Dave and Jennie

Robinette’s baby was buried about 1903 just past the old dance hall on Hastings Mesa.  It is south of the old dance hall about 400 feet on right side of old road along hillside about 20 feet off road.”  The old dance hall is long since gone and the road has been changed.  The grave is on property belonging to Howard Heath.



September 2005