Oak Grove

Oak Grove Cemetery

Montrose County, Colorado


Also known as Cedar Grove Cemetery and Shavano Cemetery.  The location is l mile south of Oak Grove School and l mile west and southwest of M & D Canal Bridge.  Cemetery lies east of highway, approximately 3/8 mile on north side of valley.  Public access would be through the county gravel pit which is kept locked.  The cemetery is situated on property owned by Fred Donley.  It is unfenced and inaccessible.


Legal Description:  Sec 11, T48N R10W.


“Bill” – (Note:  The only word on stone, it is scratched into native sandstone, but not with chisel).

FRANCE, William – 1843-1906 – (Note: In December l903, William FRANCE lived on what is now 6200 Road on east side of road, just south of M & D Canal).

SOI: Grave Marker and Montrose County Patent Records.

HAMPTON, Edward S. – 1884-1887 – (Note:  The youngest of 7 children  b. 22 Sept 1884 – d. 3 Sept 1887.  His father was Rev. Wilson HAMPTON.  Emma ALBIN was sister).  SOI:  Ella Mae Spock, niece of Edward HAMPTON

HEATH, Percy – no dates – (Note: Stone broken).

WOLARY, Matilda M. – b. 24 Oct 1831 – 14 Aug 1910  (Headstone)

WILLIAMS, William – 1849-1893 – (Note:  Father of Herb and Edgar WILLIAMS. His wife later married C. W. ROLLINS).  SOI:  Grave marker, enclosed inside fence with two other graves, Lester WILLIAMS, and letter of Paul E. HILLIS)

SMITH, Allie – Dau of C. R. SMITH – b. 22 Nov 1883 – d. 21 July 1891 – (Note:  Letter from Forrest Calkins tells of a bird trying to land between the horses that carried the coffin to the cemetery.  The horses  bolted, spilling the coffin down the hill and breaking it open).

ROLLINS, J. D. – d. 1898 – (Note:  One of three graves enclosed inside fence.  Letter of Paul HILLIS notes that this is probably the father of C. W. ROLLINS).

MILLER, Olive M. – b. 23 Nov ____ – d. 22 Dec 1923 – “Olive May                           MILLER” on footstone.  (Note:  Sister to Harold MILLER of Oak Grove.  Grave is fenced).

HOVEY, Erma A. – b. 30 Nov 1887 – d. 30 Nov 1888.  Montrose Funeral Home.

E. D. H. – no dates – (Note: Native stone with initials scratched into surface)

W. M. H., Baby – no dates – (Note: Chiseled into native sandstone block.  No further information).

HILLIS, Walter C. – b. 15 Nov 1892 – d. 10 Aug 1901 – (Note: Enclosed inside fence with two other graves.  Letter from Walter’s brother dated 29 Nov 1982 states that his brother Walter Edwin(?) HILLIS, buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, was born at Howard, Kansas l5 Nov l892.  He was killed by lightning on De-Drop (DewDrop?) at Hank’s Valley on 8 Aug 1901.  Son of Marion A. and Amelia Elizabeth (MALONEY) HILLIS.  A brother, Paul E. HILLIS living in Yakima, Washington in l982; sister, Nina Louise HILLIS FRASIER  deceased).


 Two graves located about 1.8 miles south of Oak Grove School on property owned by Caddy in 1983.  One is under the hill on slope north of creek and the other is above rim on north side of creek.  The grandson of the owners of the ranch from 1910 to 1917 does not remember seeing or hearing about the graves.  The grandson, Lester Williams, spent considerable time at this location as a young boy.  Other members of the family, Rollins, are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

The grave of Jackie Neal HOPKINS is located in southwest corner of Hopkins Ranch.  He was buried about 1941.  There is no headstone, but site is marked by a rosebush.  The grave is unfenced, and is on private property and inaccessable.  Information from younger sister, Arvilla Garrioson, who did not remember the dates.

There are 5 graves 9 miles west of Montrose on Highway 90.  They are located about a mile above the ditch as the road starts up the hill on the old abandoned portion of Highway 90.  They are on private property.  The present owner, Fritz Donley, is not aware of the site.

Information from Forrest Calkins of Grand Junction who was raised near that location.


There are three graves on the old Lew Ross place at Menoken, now owned by Wayne Case.  Mrs. Bernice Dunlap is a cousin of the Lew Ross children.  Two of the graves are of infant twin boys of the Ross family.  The Cases believe the third grave is a daughter named Wilma.  Mrs. Dunlap believes that Wilma is buried in California.  This leaves a doubt as to the identity of the third grave.


There is a grave on private property that is inacessable by car.  It is in Happy Canyon.  It is that of a Federal Soldier in the Civil War, named Daniel J. Harrison, Co F, 5 Tennessee Mtd. Inf.  There are no dates.  He served the last 9 months of the war and was listed as a private.

A second grave is apparent.  It is covered with stones and sunken, but no marker.  The graves are fenced, but abandoned.  His name appears on the 1905 and 1906 Montrose Co. Tax rolls.  Two sons,

John and Samuel, appear on 1910 Census, living in Maple Grove District.

Information from Headstone, neighbors, Historical Society,

“Tennesseeans in the Civil War”, Montrose Co. Tax Records.


The Tour Guide at The Black Canyon Campfire Circle tells of a 12 year old girl that is buried along the Black Canyon.  Her family were members of a wagon train that was following an old Indian Trail.


They also tell of and old Hermit who is buried along Morrow Point at The Black Canyon.


 Compiled by Beverly Brown

 September 2005